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At {Bliss}, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the beauty wellness experience you deserve.  From the moment you book an appointment, you will be welcomed by one of our warm friendly specialists who are passionate about providing you top quality service offerings. We promise is to maintain a clean, safe, relaxing, professional atmosphere for all your beauty wellness needs.

We offer a complete line of beauty Wellness services in {Livermore, Ca.  Specialists are highly trained, and have extensive experience with the latest beauty trends. We strive to bring you modern concepts and freshened approaches.  Whether you want a classic treatment or something more advanced and new,  we will help guide you to choosing a service that best suits you.

At Bilss, we are proud to use result oriented, clinical grade, cosmeceutical products with proven track records for all of our services. You will find a wide range of these top quality home care products available for purchase at our Bliss Livermore Spa. Be sure to fill out a product or service inquiry form by clicking on the contact us tab or product inquiry form located on specialist page tabs. if you have further quesions re: our offerings and products. We are happy to help you!

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